Garden First is a family run business with a team which offers over 20 years collective experience in hard and soft landscaping including garden design. Our business has moved with the times, incorporating traditional ideas along with more recent concepts of garden design.

Although advertising is important in creating new interest, referrals account for 60% of our business, providing us with an ever increasing customer base. Over the years this has helped to create a regular influx of work which allows us to operate 12 months of the year.

As a business, Garden First is dedicated to providing an excellent service to our customers. We always offer our clients the opportunity to visit work we have done and also sites that are currently under construction.

As a Marshalls approved installer we are constantly brought up to date with new products and current installation practices, which is both beneficial to us and you the client. For any further information we invite you to visit the rest of our website, if you require any further detail please don't hesitate to contact us.

Garden First
(Newcastle & Northumberland)

Steve Barrass
44 Kirton Way
Eastfield Dale
NE23 2XR

01670 733080
07932 040246

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