We will follow up your enquiry with a visit to ascertain your needs, to discuss your preferences and any ideas you might have. Whilst we can offer advice and help at this stage, we feel that your preferences are paramount, where possible we believe in giving our customers the garden that they want and nothing less. The visit also provides an opportunity to survey the site. Careful measurements and observation will reveal the size, the slope and orientation of the garden, along with differences in ground level, the position of fixed objects and soil quality.

With the information resulting from the survey allied to the design requirements arrived at with you, it is now possible to prepare a plan of the site. The design fulfils two objectives, firstly it provides you with a visual reference to the finalised job, and confirms that the design requirements have been met.

Secondly the design provides the detail and information necessary for us to accurately quantify the cost of material and the labour charge. With this methodical approach to costing our jobs our clients can be assured that no guess work is involved when formulating the price.

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