As with all aspects of our work we regard the preparation of your new lawn to be as important as the turf we lay! That`s why after spending a great deal of time ensuring that the levels in the garden are perfect, our preferred turf is Rolawn. As customer satisfaction is our primary aim we would always recommend using Rolawn which gives you an instant, lush green lawn. However if you specifically wanted to use something else we would prepare the ground in exactly the same way then lay your choice of turf.

A new lawn is the perfect centre piece to the finished garden bringing vibrant colour and a softness to balance with the hard landscaping.

We cover all aspects of walling as pictures on our website show. From standard brick walls and random sized landscape blocks to natural sandstone from Haltwhistle quarry. These days there is a vast array of walling products available which offers a huge benefit for customers looking for that perfect choice to enhance their garden.

Walling forms a large part of our work and as with the rest of our business, is built on a solid foundation.

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